My Little Pony Hair Color Chart

       In the United States, the UK, and most of Europe, there were around thirty different colors of pony hair over the years, as well as special color-changing hair for the Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies. Metallic tinsel and strands of iridescent plastic were also used in pony hair. Scroll down for pictures and information on the different hair colors and types. Note that this chart does not currently include pony hair from Greece, Argentina, Brazil, and other non-European countries where hair colors varied. Check back for updates in the future.
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red RED

The most common shade of red, this color was used in many ponies' hair from Year 3 through Year 8 in the US. It is a bright, vibrant color, with a very slight magenta tint to it.

US Ponies with Red hair:
Skyflier, Sea Mist, Skippity-Doo, Sugarberry, Tropical Breeze, Tabby, Cherry Treats, Diamond Dreams, Sky Rocket

US Ponies with Red stripes in their hair:
Gusty, Sparkler (Unicorn), Powder, Gusty (So Soft), Galaxy, Sky Rocket (Twinkle-Eyed), Baby Gusty, Tic-Tac-Toe, Mimic, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe, Bouquet, Pretty Vision, Pina Colada, Hula Hula

dark red DARK RED

Dark Red was used for only one US pony, Merry Treat, in Year 8, and one special-offer pony, the Christmas Baby Pony. It is the deepest, most truly red shade of red pony hair; it does not appear pinkish, purplish, or orangish like the other three shades of red.

US Ponies with Dark Red stripes in their hair:
Merry Treat

dark red WINE-RED

Wine-Red is a deep and slightly purple-tinted red color. It was the first shade of red to be used in pony hair, but after its first appearance in Year 2, it was never used again.

US Ponies with Wine-Red hair:

orange-red ORANGE-RED

This dark, orange-tinted red was used sparsely from Year 4 through Year 9 in the US, mostly in Twinkle-Eyed and other bright-colored ponies. It was almost never used on ponies with only one color in their hair.

US Ponies with Orange-Redhair:
Paradise, Twist, Barnacle, and sometimes Tunefull

US Ponies with Orange-Red stripes in their hair:
Ribbon, Galaxy, Baby Ribbon, Bright Eyes, Twisty Tail, Sea Breeze

orange ORANGE

Orange was one of the last colors introduced for use in pony hair; it was used only in Year 8 and Year 9, and it was never used as the sole color in any US pony's hair. It is a bright, vibrant orange color.

US Ponies with Orange hair:

US Ponies with Orange stripes in their hair:
Pina Colada, Hula Hula, Pretty Beat


No Picture Available


No information is availible on this hair color yet at present, except that it was used for Backstroke the Baby Sea Pony.

US Ponies with Peach-Orange hair:
Baby Backstroke

peach PEACH

Peach-colored hair was used consistently from Year 3 through Year 9 in the US. It is a pinkish, orangish color of a medium shade.

US Ponies with Peach hair:
Cherries Jubilee, Cherries Jubilee (So Soft), Munchy, Windy (Magic Message), Drummer, Wildflower, Beauty Bloom

US Ponies with Peach stripes in their hair:
Confetti, Pinwheel, Trickles, Starflower, Tickle, Flutterbye, Locket, Mirror Mirror, Stripes, Lil' Pocket, Baby Sunribbon

pink PINK

Pink was one of the first pony hair colors introduced; it appeared in Year 1, and was used consistently through Year 7. It is a darker, more vibrant, and slightly more magenta-pink than Light Pink, and unlike Light Pink it does not easily fade in bleach or sunlight.

US Ponies with Pink hair:
Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Bow-Tie, Sealight, Peachy, Baby Moondancer, Sundance, Baby Cuddles, Sundance (So Soft), Baby Sundance, Baby Cuddles (BBE), Dipper, Zig Zag the Zebra, Sleepy Head, Cha Cha the Llama, Dainty Dahlia, Flurry, Player, Mommy Sweet Celebrations, Baby Sweet Celebrations, Baby Pockets, Bright Night, Sunblossom

US Ponies with Pink stripes in their hair:
Confetti, Pinwheel, Trickles, Starflower, Tickle, Flutterbye, Fizzy, Locket, Braided Beauty, Ringlets, Skylark, Star Gleamer

light pink LIGHT PINK ("Fading Pink")

Light Pink was one of the most frequently used pony hair colors from Year 3 through Year 9. It is a light, slightly peach-tinted pink color. Unlike any other color of pony hair, light pink hair fades extremely easily when exposed to sunlight, fluorescent light, chlorine, etc.: many ponies who were printed with light pink hair appear, after several years, to have white or pale yellow hair if not properly cared for.

US Ponies with Light Pink hair:
Lickety-Split, Posey, Baby Cotton Candy, High Tide, Wave Jumper, Surf Rider, Hippity Hop, Wind Whistler, Posey (So Soft), Lickety-Split (So Soft), Baby Lickety-Split (BBE), Rosedust, Honeysuckle, Surf Rider (Pearly), Baby Tiddley-Winks (BBE), Twilight (So Soft), Up Up and Away, Love Melody, Princess Serena, Steamer, Baby Lickety Split (First-Tooth), Milkweed, Tumbleweed, Sniffles (Newborn set 1), Doodles, Dibbles, Surfy, Yum Yum (Twice-as-Fancy), Princess Moondust, Cocoberry, Romper, Squeezer, Baby Snippy, Glow, Little Flitter, Red Roses, Baby Bows, Fancy Flower, Baby Fleecy, Sunspot, Sundance (Twice-as-Fancy), Posey Rose, Snookums (Drink n' Wet), Sweet Sundrop, Baby Northstar (Sparkle), Baby Princess Sparkle, Tippy Toes, Little Whiskers, Stardazzle, Flowerbelle, Starswirl

US Ponies with Light Pink stripes in their hair:
Gingerbread, Sky Rocket (Twinkle-Eyed), Sweet Stuff, Party Time, Mimic, 4-Speed, Bouquet, Pretty Vision, Curly Locks, Twisty Tail, Brilliant Bloom, Sea Breeze, Raincurl, Ringlet, Streaky, Dazzle Glow, Sweet Pocket, Bunny Hop, Chocolate Delight


This color of pink was used only for a few European exclusive ponies; it was never used for any ponies sold in the US. In shade it is very similar to Light Pink, but has a different texture, heavier, smoother, and generally very straight, and although long exposure to light will cause it to fade somewhat, it does not have the tendency of Light Pink hair to bleach completely to white.

US Ponies with Soft Pink hair:
(none -- UK list coming soon)

dark pink DARK PINK

Dark Pink was one of the most common colors of pony hair. Numerous ponies were printed with this hair color from Year 2 all the way through Year 10. It is the darkest shade of pink, slightly mauve, and could appear almost red on some ponies.

US Ponies with Dark Pink hair:
Heart Throb, Heart Throb (So Soft), Truly, Baby Heart Throb, Ripple, Taffy, Sweet Tooth, Princess Royal Blue, Tex, Kingsley the Lion, Pink Dreams, Princess Misty, Sherbet, Floater, Baby Sweet Stuff, Strawberry Surprise, Cranberry Muffins, Tassels, Baby Paws, Starry Wings, Shaggy, Dainty, Twirler, Mommy Apple Delight, Baby Flicker, Baby Gusty (Sparkle), Half Note, Rosey Love, Baby Sweet Steps, Pretty Puff, Royal Purple Princess, Love Beam, Rattles (Teeny Tiny), Tattles (Teeny Tiny), Baby Pearly, 10th Anniversary Birthday Pony

US Ponies with Dark Pink stripes in their hair:
Moonstone, Parasol, Sunlight, Starshine, Windy (Rainbow), Sky Dancer, Buttons (So Soft), Fifi (So Soft), Galaxy, Fizzy, Sweet Pop, Sweet Stuff, Bangles, Quackers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Salty, Slugger, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe, Baby Quackers, Baby Fifi, Wavy, Magic Hat, Sugar Apple, Caramel Crunch, Glittering Gem, Star Gleamer, Baby Apple Delight, Tootie Tails, Stripes, Streaky, Sweet Notes, Star Glow, Bright Glow, Bubblefish, Rainribbon, Starbow, Chatterbox, Talk-a-Lot, Lovin' Kisses, Baby Beach Ball, Strawberry Scoops

lavender LAVENDER

Lavender is the only color of pony hair (apart from White) that was used throughout all ten years of US Ponies. It is a pale purple color.

US Ponies with Lavender hair:
Blossom, Blue Belle, Seawinkle, Lemon Drop, Baby Ember, Sparkler (Unicorn), Baby Glory, Sea Breeze, Sea Star, Splasher, North Star, Lily, Celebrate, Princess Starburst, Salty, Baby North Star, Snookums (Newborn), Salty (Baby Sea Pony), Spunky the Camel, Baby Night Cap, Scoops, Princess Dawn, Peppermint Crunch, Magic Hat, Puddles, Peeks, Bunkie, Mint Dreams, Baby Splashes, Spring Song, Mommy Bright Bouquet, Baby Bright Bouquet, Woolly the Lamb, Napper, Twinkle Dancer, Starflash, Daisy Dancer, Garden Glow, Baby Toe Dancer, Little Honeypie, Secret Beauty, Love Petal, Ruby Lips, Sunsplasher, Baby Beach Ball, Baby Sea Princess

US Ponies with Lavender stripes in their hair:
Moondancer, Baby Moondancer, Gingerbread, Sweet Pop, Speedy, Sweet Stuff, Locket, Surfy, Sea Breeze, Brilliant Bloom, Skylark, Raincurl, Streaky, Tunefull, Bright Glow, Baby Bright Bow, Chatterbox, Springy, Baby Pineapple

dark purple DARK PURPLE

Dark Purple is a deep violet color, darker than any other shade of pony hair. It was introduced in Year 2 and used, though sparsely, all the way through Year 10.

US Ponies with Dark Purple hair:
Glory, Whitecap, Twinkler (Sparkle)

US Ponies with Dark Purple stripes in their hair:
Twilight (Unicorn), Gingerbread, Whizzer, Ringlets, Skylark, Bunny Hop, Talk-a-Lot

dark blue DARK BLUE

Dark Blue was not introduced until Year 5, and it was used only rarely in the coming Years 6, 7, and 9. It is a deep, dark shade of blue.

US Ponies with Dark Blue hair:
4-Speed, Chief, Seaflower, Baby Countdown, Flower Burst, Pretty Beat, Royal Pink Princess, Firefly (Year 9)

US Ponies with Dark Blue stripes in their hair:
Tex, Sweet Pocket, Baby Starbow, Baby Palm Tree

blue BLUE

Blue was used frequently from Year 2 through Year 10 in the US. It is a bright, vibrant medium-blue color.

US Ponies with Blue hair:
Bubbles, Firefly, Wave Dancer, Sprinkles, Majesty, Tootsie (Earth), Baby Firefly, Buttons (So Soft), Bouncy, Beach Comber, Baby Sleepy Pie, Bangles, Primrose, Wing Song, Quarterback, Baby Bouncy, Noodles, Sleep Tight, Fifi (Twice-as-Fancy), Buttons (Twice-as-Fancy), Tall Tails, Baby Graffiti, Sniffles (Newborn set 2), Sandcastle, Sky Dancer, Blueberry Baskets, Beach Ball, Sweet Suds, Baby Starburst, Baby Racer, Moonjumper, Dangles, Daddy Bright Bouquet, Stardancer, Silky Slipper, Rainfeather, Flower Dream, Little Giggles, Sweet Blossom, Happy Hugs, Sunglory, Baby Pineapple, Baby Sea Shimmer

US Ponies with Blue stripes in their hair:
Glory, Moonstone, Parasol, Sunlight, Starshine, Windy (Rainbow), Sky Dancer, Baby Glory, Whitecap, Gingerbread, Whizzer, Masquerade, Speedy, Party Time, Quackers, Milky Way, Baby Quackers, Pillow Talk, Ringlets, Bouquet, Pretty Vision, Curly Locks, Wigwam, Molasses, Baby Bright Bouquet, Pina Colada, Dazzle Glow, Bubblefish, Baby Rainribbon, Baby Sunribbon, Starswirl, Strawberry Scoops, Chocolate Delight

aqua AQUA

Aqua is very similar to Blue, and the two are easily confused; Aqua is slightly more green-tinted, but otherwise the two colors are almost the same shade. Both were frequently used on ponies with pink bodies. Aqua hair was used from Year 3 through Year 9, though less frequently than Blue.

US Ponies with Aqua hair:
Sea Shimmer, Cupcake, Peach Blossom, Water Lily, Sea Shimmer, Baby Half Note, Angel, Sparkle, Cloud Puff, Banana Surprise, Tossels, Baby Whirly Twirl, Highflier, Oakley the Moose, Sparkler (Merry-Go-Round), Sand Digger, Baby Dots n' Hearts, Sun Glider, Squirmy, Frilly Flower, Songster, Hoppy the Kangaroo, Cha Cha, Baby Soft Steps, Tiny Tabby, Secret Star

US Ponies with Aqua stripes in their hair:
Confetti, Pinwheel, Trickles, Starflower, Tickle, Flutterbye, Whizzer, Sugar Sweet, Brilliant Bloom, Raincurl, Ringlet, Stripes, Happy Glow, Lil' Pocket, Baby Brightbow, Love Beam

aqua-green AQUA-GREEN

No information is availible on this hair color yet, except that was used at least twice, in Year 6, for the ponies Mirror Mirror and Floater.

US Ponies with Aqua-Green hair:
Mirror Mirror

US Ponies with Aqua-Green stripes in their hair:

sea-green SEA GREEN

Sea-Green was used only in Years 2, 3, and 5. It is less vibrant and slightly more blue than either of the other shades of green pony hair.

US Ponies with Sea Green hair:
Seashell, Medley

US Ponies with Sea Green stripes in their hair:
Moonstone, Parasol, Sunlight, Starshine, Windy (Rainbow), Sky Dancer, Dipper, Sea Breeze

dark green DARK GREEN

Dark Green is a rich, dark green color which is not easily captured in photographs. It is slightly blue-tinted. Dark Green was used from Year 3 to Year 8 in the US.

US Ponies with Dark Green hair:
Gusty, Gusty (So Soft), Baby Gusty, Wave Runner, Daddy Sweet Celebrations

US Ponies with Dark Green stripes in their hair:
Whizzer, Fizzy, Masquerade, Tic-Tac-Toe, Mimic, Steamer, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe, Braided Beauty, Cloud Dreamer, Baby Sweet Celebrations, Merry Treat

green GREEN

Green is one of the most vibrant colors of pony hair; it is a very bright, lime-tinted green color. It was used from Year 4 through Year 8, not frequently, but more than either of the other shades of green.

US Ponies with Green hair:
Magic Star, Scrumptious, Wind Drifter, Raspberry Jam, Sunnybunch, Lemon Treats, Lavender Lace, Baby Waddles, Cool Breeze, Swinger

US Ponies with Green stripes in their hair:
Masquerade, Party Time, Quackers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe, Baby Quackers, Pretty Vision, Twisty Tail, Tootie Tails, Hula Hula

golden yellow GOLDEN YELLOW

Golden Yellow was the first yellow color to appear in pony hair. It is slightly more orange than any of the other yellows, but the difference is subtle and can be difficult to discern, especially in poor lighting. Golden Yellow appeared in Year 2 and was used occasionally in later years, up to Year 9.

US Ponies with Golden Yellow hair:
Applejack, Baby Lofty, Jangles, Cuddles, Baby Firefly (Sparkle), Baby Starflower (Sparkle)

US Ponies with Golden Yellow stripes in their hair:
Sunbeam, Moonstone, Parasol, Sunlight, Starshine, Windy (Rainbow), Sky Dancer, Sky Rocket (Twinkle-Eyed), Ringlet, Star Glow

yellow YELLOW

Yellow pony hair is a bright, vibrant color, richer than either Light Yellow or Golden Yellow, yet it can be hard to distinguish from both of these colors. It was introduced in Year 4 and used through Year 10 in the US.

US Ponies with Yellow hair:
Lofty, Baby Lofty, Best Wishes, Yum Yum (Flutter), Dancing Butterflies, Rattles (Newborn), Tattles (Newborn), Baby Crumpet, Merriweather, Princess Sunbeam, Woosie, Big Top, Speckles, Buzzer, Boysenberry Pie, Brilliant Blossoms, Mainsail, Daisy Sweet, Baby Sunnybunch, Baby Leaper, DJ, Daddy Apple Delight, Baby Apple Delight, Star Hopper, Bootsie, Tootsie (Teeny Tiny)

US Ponies with Yellow stripes in their hair:
Sweet Pop, Quackers, Baby Quackers, Pillow Talk, Braided Beauty, Ringlets, Bouquet, Curly Locks, Twisty Tail, Glittering Gem, Star Gleamer, Raincurl, Baby Rainribbon, Baby Sunribbon, Baby Starbow, Baby Brightbow, Chocolate Delight

neon yellow NEON YELLOW

Neon Yellow is the brightest, most vibrant of all the pony hair colors. It gives off a faint neon glow under a blacklight. Neon Yellow hair was used from Year 3 through Year 10.

US Ponies with Neon yellow hair:
Surprise, Baby Surprise, Sand Dollar, Ribbon, Shady, Surprise (So Soft), Baby Shady, Baby Ribbon, Morning Glory, Princess Pristina, Crunchberry, Baby Ribbs, Cutesaurus, Sweet Notes, Sunbeam, Baby Palm Tree

US Ponies with Neon Yellow stripes in their hair:
Confetti, Pinwheel, Trickles, Starflower, Tickle, Flutterbye, Masquerade, Party TIme, Mimic, Windy (Magic Message), Baby Glider, Sea Breeze, Tootie Tails, Half Note

light yellow LIGHT YELLOW

Light Yellow is a pale, butter-colored shade of yellow, but it is easily mistaken for Yellow or Golden Yellow. It was introduced in Year 4 and used through Year 8 in the US.

US Ponies with Light Yellow hair:
Tappy, Tip Toes

US Ponies with Light Yellow stripes in their hair:
Speedy, Bright Eyes, Barnacle, Stripes, Streaky

blond BLOND

Blond hair was used only for the Sundazzle Ponies of Year 10. It is a very pale tan-gold color, similar to the color of Megan's hair.

US Ponies with Blond stripes in their hair:
Sunbeam, Sunsplasher, Sunglory

caramel-gold CARAMEL-GOLD

Caramel-Gold was introduced in Year 1, and may have been used again in Year 4. It is a bright golden brown color which is very difficult to capture in photographs.

US Ponies with Caramel-Gold hair:

white WHITE

White, naturally, was one of the most common colors of pony hair. It was used frequently throughout all ten years of US My Little Ponies. It is bright and very white, not tinted with any other colors.

US Ponies with White hair:
Minty, Twilight (Unicorn), Sunbeam, Powder, Baby Blossom, Fifi (So Soft), Forget-Me-Not, Frosting, Princess Tiffany, Slugger, Baby Fifi, Tangles, Sea Spray, Creamsicle the Giraffe, Bonnie Bonnets, Night Glider, Princess Taffeta, Cloud Dreamer, Wigwam, Baby Noddins, Sticky, Jabber, Jebber, Toppy, Lady Flutter, Flower Bouquet, Shoreline, Sweet Lily, Baby Glider, Wiggles, Baby Stripes, Nectar the Panda, Pony Bride, Springy, Sniffles (Teeny Tiny), Snookums (Teeny Tiny), Bridal Beauty

US Ponies with White stripes in their hair:
Skyflier, Sea Mist, Galaxy, Fizzy, Sky Rocket, Sweet Pop, Speedy, Sweet Stuff, Locket, Bright Eyes, Milky Way, Quarterback, Pillow Talk, Braided Beauty, Curly Locks, Cuddles, Lemon Treats, Sugar Apple, Molasses, Caramel Crunch, Sugar Sweet, Mint Dreams, Baby Dots n' Hearts, Baby Sunnybunch, Glittering Gem, Ringlet, Happy Glow, Strawberry Scoops

metallic tinsel METALLIC TINSEL

Metallic Tinsel came in numerous different colors; some ponies had only one color of tinsel in their hair, while others had as many as three. Metallic Tinsel was originally introduced in the Year 5 Princess Pony set. It was used again for the Year 6 Princess Ponies, and was then used in various pony sets through Year 10, though in later years it was often included only in ponies' manes and not in their tails. Metallic Tinsel is easily stretched or crimped out of shape by rough brushing, and it can fade when exposed to direct light for long periods.

US Ponies with Metallic Tinsel in their hair:
Princess Sparkle, Princess Primrose, Princess Tiffany, Princess Serena, Princess Starburst, Princess Royal Blue, Princess Pristina, Princess Sunbeam, Princess Taffeta, Princess Moondust, Princess Misty, Princess Dawn, Princess Glittering Gem, Princess Brilliant Bloom, Princess Skylark, Princess Star Gleamer, Napper, Stardancer, Sunspot, Twinkler (Sparkle), Star Hopper, Sky Rocket (Sparkle), Bright Night, Twinkler (Sweetheart Sister), Starflash, Sunblossom, Baby Princess Sparkle, Ruby Lips, Happy Hugs, Lovin' Kisses, 10th Anniversary Birthday Pony

iridescent plastic IRIDESCENT PLASTIC Tinsel

Iridescent Plastic Tinsel is a translucent, shiny fake tinsel which reflects different colors depending on the way light hits it. Like Metallic Tinsel, it is easily stretched or crimped by rough brushing; but it does not easily fade or dull. It was on only four ponies -- two brides and two princesses --between Year 8 and Year 10.

US Ponies with Iridescent Plastic Tinsel in their hair:
Pony Bride, Royal Pink Princess, Royal Purple Princess, Bridal Beauty


No Picture Available


Color-Changing Hair, first introduced for the Sunshine Ponies set, came in white, pink, and blond, but all three colors turned to magenta in sunlight. It was used in Year 7 and Year 10. Color-Changing Hair, unforunately, frizzes much more easily than regular pony hair if exposed to direct light for long periods of time. Once it becomes frizzed, it will no longer change color as well, or at all.

US Ponies with Color-Changing stripes in their hair:
Waverunner, Sand Digger, Beach Ball, Main Sail, Shoreline, Seaflower, Sundance (Twice-as-Fancy), Sunbeam, Sunsplasher, Sunglory


No Picture Available


This hair type was used for only one set of ponies -- the Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies. It has a soft, cottony feel and changes color when immersed in warm water. Several different colors of Watercolor Baby Sea Pony Hair were made, and they all change to different colors when warmed. After a few years, however, the hair begins to lose its ability to change color; it generally changes permanently to whatever color it was normally supposed to turn in warm water.

US Ponies with Watercolor Baby Seapony hair:
Foamy, Misty, Sealight, Wavedancer, Sea Shore, Sea Winkle


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