Year 9 Firefly

     A new version of Firefly (who was originally printed in the Year 2 Pegasus Ponies set and then in the Year 3 Pegasus Ponies set) appeared in Year 9 (1990-1991). This time, she was printed in the Surprise Pose instead of the Firefly Pose, with dark blue instead of blue hair, and with a darker pink body and a non-glittery symbol. She came with the Firefly's Adventure video cassette tape and a purple flower brush.

*Photo by Ponyland Press*

Firefly - Year 9

     Firefly (Year 9) is a pink adult pegasus pony with dark blue hair and purple eyes. Her symbol is two blue lightning bolts. She stands in the Surprise Pose. Firefly was originally released in the first set of Pegasus Ponies in Year 2, and again in the second set in Year 3, with longer hair. (Both of these earlier versions of Firefly were in a different pose, the Firefly Pose, and had blue hair and glittery symbols.) Year 9 Firefly came with the Firefly's Adventure VHS tape and a purple flower brush.

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