Playset Ponies

     Several pony playsets were available through mail-order offers, and came with a number of different ponies. The three ponies listed below are the only ones who, when ordered by mail, came in different variations than when bought in stores. Some of the accessories that came with the playsets were also different in the mail-order versions. (More details coming soon.)

Lemon Drop
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Lemon Drop is a yellow adult earth pony with lavender hair and blue eyes. Her symbol is a pattern of purple raindrops. She is in the Collector Pose. She was sold with the Show Stable.
     Lemon Drop was originally sold in stores; the original version, who also came with the Show Stable, was nearly identical to the mail-order version, but had lavender instead of blue eyes. In the UK, there was also a Baby Lemon Drop in Baby Ember's pose, and in Germany there was a Baby Lemon Drop in Baby Blossom's pose.

Baby Half Note
*Photo by The Pony Mom. Used with permission.*

     Baby Half Note is a pink baby earth pony with aqua eyes. Her hair is aqua, and her symbol is a pair of pink ballet slippers tied with a aqua ribbon. She is in the Baby Cuddles Pose. She was originally sold as Beddy-Bye-Eye Baby Half Note, in the same colors but in the Beddy-Bye-Eye Earth Pose.
     Baby Half Note came with the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. (More details coming soon.)

No Picture Available
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     Majesty is a white adult unicorn pony with pink eyes. Her hair is blue with a white strip. Her symbol is five glittery blue flower-like shapes, each with four petals. She is in the Glory Pose. Glory was originally sold in stores, with lavender instead of pink eyes.
     Majesty came with Dream Castle, which was sold in stores in Years 2 and 3. In Year 7, it was released a third time, in new colors and without Majesty. (More details on Dream Castle coming soon.)

  • Other versions: Lavender-Eyed Majesty (store version)

  • Sprinkles
    (Have a photo of this pony? Send it to us!)

         Sprinkles is a pale lavender-pink adult pegasus pony with blue hair and blue eyes. Her symbol is six blue ducks. She is in the Firefly Pose. Sprinkles was originally released in stores, and was a paler shade of pink.
         Sprinkles came with a working pony shower and bubble-maker called the My Little Pony Waterfall. The Waterfall was released solid in stores in Year 2 and Year 3, and in Year 5 it was released in the UK in different colors, but it came with Cascade instead of Sprinkles. (More details on the Waterfall coming soon.)

  • Other versions: Lighter-Pink Sprinkles (store version)
  • No Picture Available

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