Early Customs by Baby Bloodflower

     These are all my earliest customs; I made the first one when I was barely ten years old. We were starting to get a lot of doubles of ponies we already owned, and the number of "twins" in Ponyland was becoming ridiculous, so I finally came up with the idea of drawing new symbols on them to make them different. Most of these customs are painted with acrylic, because I didn't know how to remove symbols. Only one has rerooted hair. They may be a little silly looking, but I love them all anyway.


     Scottie was the first custom to enter our pony town; I made him as a birthday present to Grayswandir back in 1995, when she was turning twelve (I was ten). Scottie was made from the unicorn Powder. He was originally spray-painted a pale cream color, but has since chipped and been repainted with acrylic. Unfortunately, we've lost the green plaid tie and cap that he used to wear.
     Scottie is a Scotch-Irish pony who grew up in Dublin, but has settled down in America with his new wife, Cherry Bowl, and his Wire Fox Terrier, Max. He has a temporary job as a cook at The Yellow Submarine, but what he really loves is playing and singing Celtic folk music with fellow musicians Flowerbelle, Sugarplum, and Sugar Sweet.

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Flower Maiden

     Another very early custom -- around '96, long before I started rerooting. Flower Maiden was originally a So Soft Angel with cropped mane and tail. Grayswandir and I made a new symbol for her by applying a piece of cloth to either side of her using a glue gun.
     Flower Maiden works at the Ponyland Palace, cooking, cleaning, watching the children, and generally keeping things in order. She considers her job to be one of the highest prestige, and greatly enjoys living at the palace among royalty, even if she is only a servant.


     Trucker was one of my very earliest customs, and I had help from Grayswandir when I made him. He was originally a Baby Sleepy Pie. I spray-painted him a pale cream color, but over time, the paint began to chip, and we repainted him with acrylic.
     Trucker is the older brother of Pistol, and they both live at the orphanage. Trucker collects truck models and figures. He hangs out a lot at the arcades, but can also often be found on the football field with his best friend, Chance.

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     Pistol was made at the same time as Trucker, and was also one of my first customs. I made him with help from Grayswandir. He was originally a Newborn Squirmy, at first spray-painted a pale cream color, and later painted over with acrylic.
     Pistol is the younger brother of Trucker, and both boys live at the orphanage. Pistol is a long-time member of Peeks and Shirtsy's clique of baby boys, and can usually be found playing cops and robbers with the group, or with Squirmy and Dangles or Humpty and Dumpty.


     Chance was originally a non-Beddy-Bye-Eye Cuddles; I colored his hair and body blue with a permanent marker, and painted his symbol with acrylic. Most of the color has washed out of his hair. Eventually I may reroot him with Chief-color dark blue.
     Chance is the six-year-old son of Wild Card and Bluebelle, and has two older sisters(Baby Bluebelle and Gusty). He loves sports, especially football, and is best friends with Trucker; in Baby Ponyland he and Trucker ran an advertising company together.

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     Yet another very early custom, before rehairing. Bubbles was originally a Baby Bouncy with strangely cropped hair. She still has her original hair; I simply gave her a new symbol. When I first made her, I drew her symbol with permanent marker, not realizing that the ink would bleed. I've painted it over with acrylic since then, but some bleeding ink is still visible.
     Bubbles is one of Buttercup's three children; Squirmy is her little brother and Beach Ball is her older sister. She still manages Bubbles' Theater, a business which she originally started up during Baby Ponyland.


     Loki was made from a Baby Sunribbon. I painted her body black and gelled her hair into a rainbow mohawk. The gel has since been washed out, of course, but her hair still stands up straight.
     Loki is the four-year-old daughter of Seashell, and grudgingly attends kindergarten. She believes that everyone judges her because she is different, and she doesn't try to make friends.

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Little Caesar

     Little Caesar was originally a Starshine with cropped mane. I made him back in '99, before I knew about rerooting. He still has his original hair, but has been given a new symbol. Originally, I drew his symbol with markers. The markers bled over time, and I had to re-draw his symbols, this time with acrylic paint.
     Little Caesar is a ticket clerk at Bubbles' Theater, and has been dating Confetti for several years.


     Moonshine was my first rehairing; I had never read a tutorial, but had seen rehaired customs, and decided to give it a try. She was originally a Pillow Talk, and was rerooted with hair from a Tenth Anniversary Birthday Pony. I repainted her last year, to make the color more even.
     Moonshine is a cocktail waitress at the Ponyland night club.

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