Baby Bloodflower and Grayswandir's Fakies

     These aren't customs, but like customs, they're ponies who aren't real Hasbro My Little Ponies, but who live in our pony town anyway. Most of them we've had since we were very young. Sometimes we still forget that they aren't real ponies!

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     Rainbow was our very first pony toy ever. Grayswandir was only three when she got Rainbow; Baby Bloodflower had just been born. At the age of five or six, Grayswandir tried to turn Rainbow into Love Melody using a black pen. As you can see, it didn't exactly work.
     Rainbow is well-respected as one of the founders of Ponyland, despite the fact that she isn't a real My Little Pony. She is one of the town's two great artists, and supplies the Ponyland Gallery with acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings, mostly of landscapes. She has an adopted daughter, Jill.


     That's right, he's a baby donkey. One day back in 1989, we went out to a drug store with our mom, and we begged her to buy us two things: Gusty the Baby Sparkle Pony... and this little toy donkey. We always played with Gusty and the donkey together; they were inseparable. Since then, they've grown apart a bit, but Flash is still as much a town member as any other pony.
     Flash is four years old, and is the younger brother -- adopted, of course -- of Baby Gusty. He lives with Napper, Gusty, and Baby Explorer (his cousin). Flash is Ponyland's track-and-field star, and can outrun any other baby pony easily. When he was younger, he was also a member of the Baby Sparkle Ponies' singing group, the Sparklin' Singers. His talent-show song "Pink Car" is still well-known and laughed about in the town.

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     Eli, short for Eleanor, is a baby elephant. We got her sometime around 1994. For a while, we had an adult elephant who was her mother, but when the mother elephant decided to move on to another home, Eli insisted on staying in Ponyland with her friends. So here she is.
     Eli is three years old, and spends most of her time playing dress-up, school, house, and other girl-games with her preschool friends, Rockabye, Puddles, ABC, and Sticky. Eli has recently been adopted by Princess Royal Blue, so she lives at the palace and is the envy of all the other preschoolers.


     ABC is a wind-up pony toy. We've had her for as long as either of us can remember; it's possible that she's been in the town nearly as long as Rainbow has. Originally, she had no symbol, and we fashioned her one by attaching three shiny letter-shaped stickers onto either side of her: an A, a B, and a C -- hence her name. Later on, all of these stickers fell off, as well as the stickers that were her eyes. We've now painted the letters ABC onto her, and painted eyes for her as well.
     ABC is the four-year-old daughter of Stripes. Although she's in kindergarten, all of her friends are preschoolers: Puddles, Rockabye, Sticky, and Eli. She likes making-believe that she's a princess or an actress. In reality, she is fairly poor; her mother works at the gas station, which gets very little business.

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     Lemon is a baby Remco fakie. We got her around the same time as Eli, 1994 or so. We originally drew a lemon on an her symbol with oranger marker, but it washed off and had to be painted on again.
     Lemon is twelve years old. She lives with her parents at the Ponyland Orphanage (where they work), and she often babysits for various ponies in the town. Her best friend is Presents & Balloons; she spends most of her free time with him watching television and eating copious amounts of pizza, and occasionally drinking illicitly obtained beer. Lemon is very gradually teaching Presents & Balloons to play piano.


     Spider is an adult Remco fakie. When we got him, around '94 or '95, we painted over his eyelashes to make him look more like a boy, and we drew a spider symbol on him with permanent marker. The ink bled, and we've since had to paint him yellow again and re-do his symbol with acrylic.
     Spider is the father of Baby Lemon and the husband of Strawberry. He currently works at the Ponyland Orphanage because it's convenient for his wife, but he may eventually look for another job. Spider is one of Ponyland's bravest citizens, it would seem: he was the only pony to publicly express his disbelief in the "ghosts" of Ponyland's haunted castle back in '96, and actually challenged the ghosts and attempted to enter the castle. For his efforts, he earned a few minor burns and a brief period of unconsciousness, but also a great deal of respect from his fellow townsmen.

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Picture Coming Soon

     Strawberry is yet another Remco fakie. We got her around the same time we got Spider, and we drew a strawberry on her for a symbol. The marker-drawings faded, and have since been painted anew.
     Strawberry, wife of Spider and mother of Baby Lemon, is a cook, maid, and sometimes secretary and baby-sitter at the Ponyland Orphanage. She likes to read romance novels.

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