Custom Ponies by Grayswandir

     These are all of my customs. As you can see, I haven't made very many yet. But there will be more, I'm sure.


     Jellyfish was made from a Peachy. Her body was dyed orange, and she was rehaired with hair from a G3 Sew n' Sew.

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Baby Snowbelle

     Baby Snowbelle is a custom baby for lavender Satin n' Lace. I made her as a Christmas present for Baby Bloodflower in 2004. Originally, she was a Baby Rainribbon; I rerooted her with hair from a Baby Tiddley Winks and painted her symbol and eyes.
     Baby Snowbelle is the daughter of Snowbelle, who works at the Ponyland Salon.


     Frosty was originally Talk-a-Lot, the Sweet Talkin' Pony. His hair was extremely short, and his body was badly marked. Due to the mechanism in his body, I couldn't rehair him; he's just painted.
     Frosty works at Bubbles' Theater and is a freelance novelist in his spare time. He is dating Peachy, and does much of his writing at the cafe in the bookshop where she works.

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Baby Yoyo

     Yoyo isn't technically a custom, nor is she quite a restoration. When I got her, she had no hair at all. I was eleven or twelve, and had never seen Baby Yoyo; I didn't know what color her hair was supposed to be. I glued some blue yarn to her head and made her a yarn tail, and she lived that way happily for several years. In 2004, I finally rerooted her with real pony hair -- almost the exact same color as the blue yarn.
     Baby Yoyo is the three-year-old recluse daughter of Windy (Magic Message). Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she enjoys reading books on witchcraft, sorcery, and black magic. She attends preschool and considers all of her classmates juvenile and foolish.

Baby Coral

     Coral was one of my earlier customs; I painted her symbol back in 1999 or so, before I knew that symbols could be removed or hair rerooted (hence the size of her symbol; it was meant to cover up the Hasbro-printed one). I finally rehaired her in 2004, and she looks much better.
     Coral is three years old and attends preschool. She is the adoptive daughter of Starswirl. Her best friend is Shaggy, but she's also a sometimes-member of Puddles and Rockabye's clique. She likes toys, games, puzzles, and dolls.

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Chili Pepper

     Chili Pepper was originally a Fizzy with very dry, frizzy hair. When I first got him, I chopped his hair off and made him a boy; but I soon decided to go ahead and customize him, and wait for another, better condition Fizzy to keep. He sat for several years in a box, waiting for hair.
     Chili Pepper works at the Ponyland gas station, and does nearly all of the auto repair and maintenance for the town. He enjoys his job, but wishes there were more cars for him to work on.

Baby Valentin

     Valentin was made from the newborn pony Sleepy Head. He was not custom bait, but back in '99 when I began customizing him, I knew nothing about buying or selling ponies online. I originally colored his hair with marker, which stained his body; that's why he's since been repainted (and, of course, rehaired).
     Baby Valentin is two years old, and is the adoptive son of Sugar Apple, whom he considers the best mom in the world (she works at the candy shop). He attends preschool and is finally starting to fit in with the other boys, though he's still rather shy, and no one can pronounce his name correctly.

Picture Coming Soon

Picture Coming Soon

     Dragonfly is modeled after the early unicorn ponies, with a glittery symbol and a streak in her mane. She was originally Windy the Rainbow Pony. She was half colored green with permanent marker, and her hair was dry and coarse. She has been painted and rerooted.
     Dragonfly is a short-order cook at the Ponyland night club, serving up onion rings, curly fries, potato wedges, and fried mushrooms and zuchinni late into the night. She enjoys tennis and is considering buying a dog.

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