Royal Pony Palace

     The Royal Pony Palace is the largest of the Petite Pony buildings, and the only one which came with Petite Ponies with brushable tails. It also came with various other accessories (see below), which were printed in varying colors.

Magic Star
*Photo by Emery. Used with permission.*

     Magic Star is a dark orange pony with purple hair. Her tail is purple and curled in tight ringlets, and her bow is yellow. Her symbol is a purple magic wand. She is in the walking pose.

*Photo by Serena151. Used with permission.*

     Sundrop is a white pony with yellow hair. Her tail is yellow and curly, and her bow is aqua. Her symbol is a purple crown. She is in the standing pose.

No Picture Available
Royal Pony Palace
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     The Royal Pony Palace is a miniature castle on a plastic base, and has two stories and five towers. In one tower is an elevator; a light turns on when this elevator is moved to the second floor. The palace came with a throne, a dinner table, a bed, a dresser, a carriage shaped like a swan, and two Petite Ponies, Magic Star and Sundrop. Accessories came in varying colors.

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