Bedtime Newborn Ponies

     The Bedtime Newborn Ponies are newborn baby ponies with nighttime-themed symbols. Each one came with a colored plastic baby bottle.

Baby Sunset
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Baby Sunset is a dark pink newborn baby earth pony with lavender eyes. Her hair is light yellow. Her symbol is a yellow sun setting, with a yellow crescent moon rising in the background. She is in the Tappy Pose.
     Baby Sunset came with a yellow baby bottle.

Baby Stargaze
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Baby Stargaze is a dark blue newborn baby earth pony with pink eyes. Her hair is pink. Her symbol is two stars, one large, one small; the large star has a smiling face. She is in the Shaggy Pose.
     Baby Stargaze came with a baby bottle.

Baby Moondream
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Baby Moondream is a pinkish purple newborn baby pegasus pony with light blue eyes. Her hair is blue. Her symbol is a sleeping orange moon and an orange star. She is in the Yoyo Pose.
     Baby Moondream came with a baby bottle.

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