Looking for a new style? You've come to the right place. Welcome to Twirler's Salon!

     The salon is one of the most successful businesses in town. It's been around since way back in the 80's, when Twirler, a professional barber and hairstylist, first came to settle in the small but growing community which would later be known as Ponyland.

     Today, Twirler works with a staff of four trained hairstylists, all of whom are known for their beautiful work.

     (From left to right: Twirler, Hugs n' Kisses, Pearl, Moondancer, and Snowbelle.)

     Hugs n' Kisses was Twirler's first apprentice, and has now been working as a stylist for nearly twenty years. She specializes in eye-catching modern styles.

     Moondancer, her aunt, has simpler tastes -- but both of them always enjoy a challenge.

     Here's Candy showing off her ravishing golden locks, styled by Moondancer.

     Snowbelle, the newest member of the salon team, is known for styling elegant perms, curls, and ringlets.

     Sundance, the Chief of Police, comes in for new curls every week.

     Pearl takes care of inventory. She keeps all the best cosmetics and hair products in stock, and loves to help customers accessorize.

     All the stylists at Twirler's Salon have a talent for creating dazzling and unusual pony hairdos. It looks like Streaky is back again for a new set of shiny ringlets.

     Twirler's Salon is also a wonderful place to relax. Here's Soft Steps enjoying an afternoon of leisure, and a new hairstyle by Pearl.

     There are styles for ponies of all ages at Twirler's Salon, and it's easy to bring the kids in for a quick wash, a cute cut for the new school year, or fresh curls for a family photo.

     And of course, colts and stallions are always welcome. Twirler herself specializes in hoof-trimming and simple, striking cuts for boys.

     The holidays are always especially busy. Whether it's Christmas or Halloween, everyone wants to look their best.

     At Twirler's, there's something for everybody: a relaxing afternoon, an exciting new look, and the best in beauty tips and hair care.

     It's no wonder the little ponies in Ponyland have such great hair!

     (And for tips on creating great pony hair styles of your own, visit our online hair salon!)


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