If you're looking for pony news, there's no better place than Ponyland Press, as anyone in town can tell you. As the town's one and only news provider, the Press stays busy seven days a week, keeping Ponyland up to date on local and national events around the clock. Whether your interests run to politics, sports, science, celebrities, hometown anecdotes, or simply the day's weather, you're sure to find what you're looking for in tonight's news report, or in the columns of the Sunday paper.

     Ponyland Press has a special history: it's the oldest business in Ponyland. It began in the late 1980's, when Ponyland was still only a small settlement of migrant ponies seeking shelter and protection from the surrounding wilds. No news came to Ponyland in those days, and even rumors were scarce -- it was too dangerous to venture outside of the town, into the mountains and forests where ponies were hunted by both men and beasts.

     But at last two young freelance reporters, Wave Runner and Cuddles, determined to brave the dangers. Armed only with notepads and pencils, they set out into the wilderness, traveled to distant lodges and stations, spied on hunters, traded stories with travelers, and returned with reports. It was the first step to civilizing Ponyland.

     Balloons has been chief editor at Ponyland Press since the very beginning. It was she who first conceived the plan of printing a weekly paper, where Wave Runner and Cuddles' thrilling reports and journal articles would appear alongside local stories for all the ponies in Ponyland to read. All parties agreed, and together, Balloons, Wave Runner, and Cuddles founded the town's very first company. They've been working together ever since.

      In the last twenty years, a great deal has changed. Ponyland has evolved from a settlement into a proper town, and advancing technology has made it easier for ponies to communicate and travel safely between cities. Even so, the Press remains as vital as ever, always working to keep pace with the changing world. The company's broadcasting station, located near the center of town, now airs news shows five nights a week, and a new paper appears in print every Sunday.

     The staff at Ponyland Press has grown over the years, too. Celebrate is a long-time staff member; he joined up in the early 90's as a photographer, shooting stories and publicity shots on site with the reporters. Nowadays, he works in the news studio, and deals primarily with film.

     Dapple has taken over Celebrate's old job as on-site photographer. She travels around with the reporters and takes pictures and video for their articles and interviews. She also works in the studio when she's needed, and helps with sound and lighting.

     Two anchors host the nightly news: Presents and Honeycomb. Presents is the husband of Balloons, the station owner, so he's always been a part of Ponyland Press, though not always directly. Like his wife, Presents is a long-time town member, well-liked and trusted among local ponies, having served them in various capacities over the years, as a construction worker, a medic, and a rancher. News reporting is only part-time work for him, but he enjoys the prestige of a news anchor's reputation.

     Honeycomb is the show's full-time host and anchor. She delivers brief news flashes and updates during the day, in addition to the evening's reports that she shares with Presents.

     Mirror Mirror is the local meteorologist and weather forecaster. She writes all her own reports, and always makes sure she looks ravishing during broadcasts, so that even the weather is a delight to watch.

     But of course, the heart of Ponyland Press is still the newspaper, which Balloons continues to edit and publish as diligently and passionately as ever. She oversees the broadcasts whenever she can, but spends most of her time in the office, gathering stories and doing layout work.

     Cuddles is still a reporter at the Press, but instead of striking out on dangerous missions into the wilderness, she does most of her work from her little cubicle next to Wave Runner's. She's also married now, to Tex, who works for the local construction company.

     Wave Runner, next door, does similar work, but her reporting more often takes her out of town to gather news and host interviews at more remote locations. She and Cuddles are still great friends, and enjoy reminiscing about the many strange adventures they shared in their youth.

     The newest member of the editorial staff is Skylight, but she too has been with the company for many years now. She writes up articles and local stories, and takes care of the advertising section of the paper. Skylight is married to Celebrate, the cameraman. They have a daughter together.

     Ponyland Press has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and everyone who works there is proud to be part of it. The ponies at the Press work hard, but it's worth their while. Today, they're doing more than just reporting history: they're making it.


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