Welcome to this year's Ponyland Halloween party! Have fun checking out the ponies' costumes, and don't forget to try your hand at our My Little Pony Halloween game, 4-Speed and the Haunted Castle!

     The party started at sunset, just after the annual Halloween play, Soft Steps' Halloween. Pillow Talk ran the prize booth, where she raffled off Halloween books and toys for the baby ponies. Here's Soft Steps picking up her raffle ticket.

     In the background, you can see Dipper dressed up as a pirate. Arr!

     And here's Strawberry Shortcake at the candy buffet. The ponies had all kinds of sweets and goodies to enjoy.

     Woolly dressed up as a golfer for Halloween. Her half-sister, Fleecy, dressed up as a handy-man.

     Pineapple finally had the chance to wear her Willy Wonka costume. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of her favorite movies -- as you could probably guess.

     Baby Star Dreamer dressed up as a gypsy dancer. Her boyfriend, Cuddles, carried their candy bag around. His costume was designed to prove that sticking feathers up your tail really does make you a chicken.

     Yoyo dresses up as a witch every Halloween, and this year was no exception. She also wore the costume for her role in the Halloween play.

     Tic Tac Toe and his daughter, Hugs n' Kisses, organized most of the Halloween party. Tic Tac Toe is a huge fan of everything that's creepy, spooky, or supernatural, so naturally, Halloween has always been his favorite holiday. And although you wouldn't know it to look at her, Hugs n' Kisses takes after her father quite a bit.

     Baby Surprise dressed up as a British schoolboy. 'ello!

     Miranda, Thunder, Honeypie, and Ashley are some of the town's biggest Halloween fans. This year, Miranda dressed as the grim reaper, Thunder dressed as Santa Clause, Honeypie dressed as The Riddler from Batman, and Ashley dressed as a pinata. They also provided some of the toys for the raffle.

     Here are Milky Way and Daniel. They work together at the Ponyland pharmacy, and they decided to come to the Halloween party together this year. Milky Way dressed as a bride, and Daniel dressed as a sorcerer.

     Twins Beach Ball and Underbrella played Baywatch babes in the Ponyland lake. The water was cold, but these girls didn't seem to mind.

     Baby Bunny made the most out of his Superpony costume this year, leaping from bench to bench and out of trees to rescue princesses from monsters, and annoying nearly everyone. He had a fantastic time.

     Stockings dressed up as a nurse. Adorable, isn't she?

     Moonjumper was a black cat for Halloween.

     And Pixie dressed up as a cowgirl.

Bobbing for apples was just one of the many activities at the Ponyland Halloween party. Here Woolly and Cupid try their skills with apple-bobbing. Cupid was dressed up as a Vegas showgirl, all feathers and glitter.

Sleepy Head and Cuddles misbehaved as usual, chasing each other around the apple cauldron, and ultimately unraveling much of Sleepy Head's costume. He was planning to dress as a mummy, but unfortunately he couldn't find his contact lenses, so he had to go as a bespectacled mummy, which somehow just isn't quite as scary.

     Joy dressed up as an Amazon girl.

As the evening drew into night, the baby ponies gathered around to listen to Tic Tac Toe's campfire ghost stories.

     Here are Bows and Baby Skylight, dressed up as a rabbit and a bat. Bows spent the night babysitting Skylight, while Skylight's parents, who work for the Press, took photos and film of the event.

     Night Shade went to the party as a werewolf. He spent a good part of the evening pretending to bite his Amazon girlfriend, Joy.

     Possibly the scariest little pony was Highflier -- not by virtue of her costume (an enormous dice with 7-Up dots around it), but simply because being unpredictable and startling is what Highflier does best. Look out -- she's got an eye on you!

Happy Halloween from Ponyland! Enjoy your holidays!

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