Welcome to the 2005 Ponyland Christmas party! Enjoy your stay! We couldn't fit all of the photos on one page, so if you want to see more pictures of the party, just click here. Happy holidays!

     This year, Christmas fell on a beautiful wintery day in Ponyland. The lake was frozen solid, and a cold, powdery sheet of snow lay over the ground. Woolly, like most of the baby ponies, showed up as early as she could for the party.

     Milkweed and Tumbleweed didn't mind the cold. They spent the morning throwing snowballs at each other while everyone else headed to the buffet for cocoa or apple cider.

     The town Christmas tree was already trimmed and sparkling. Here's Snowshoe in front of it, modeling her favorite winterwear.

     The Ponyland Christmas party was, as usual, hosted by the Tree family. Daddy Tree played the part of Santa Clause, and his wife, Applejack, planned and put together the event.

     Tiny Tabby helped with the decorations... or at least, she tried to.

Snowflake and her two younger sisters, Diamond Dreams and Skyflier, are quite possibly the town's biggest Christmas enthusiasts. Every year they open a small holiday shop for the month of December, and every year on Christmas day they sing carols and tell Christmas stories.

     All kinds of food was available at the buffet, but of course, most of the baby ponies preferred to breakfast on cookies, hot chocolate, and candy.

When it came time to open their presents, the babies rushed to the tree in what can only be described as a stampede.

     Shaggy lost no time finding his presents in the pile.

     And his little sister Hugs was right behind him.

     Dangles, kiddo... isn't that present a bit big for you?

     Rattles played his favorite Christmas song, "The Little Drummer Boy," while everyone opened their packages.

     What could be in that tiny box, do you think? It looks like Olympia got a new bracelet, or maybe some earrings.

     Starflower got a present from her friends in the Fillie Club. The new Harry Potter book, maybe?

     A new box of crayons for Baby Bows! Now she just needs some new coloring books...

     Baby Celebrate got a shiny new skateboard, and another turtle toy to add to her collection.

     Come on and open your present, Jackie! The cookies can wait until later!

     Lucky finally got that stereo he's been asking for all year.

     His little brother Dusty got a remote-control toy car.

     A box of dominoes for Marshmallows...

     ...And for Mae, a Sweet Perfume Dream Beauty!

     Sweet Stuff has always wanted to try watercolors.

     Even ABC got an expensive gift -- a brand new bicycle! Finally she has something her friends will really be jealous of.

     Gusty got the special-edition DVDs she'd been wanting, but that's not all. Anybody for a game of tennis?

     When the day was said and done, all of the little ponies got something special. Here's Merry and her new scooter. You can bet she won't be taking the bus to school anytime soon.

     Most of the ponies went home after the party, but Merry Treat and her daughter Stockings stayed behind to help clean up.

     Everyone agreed that this year's Christmas party was Ponyland's best yet -- but Baby Stockings is already thinking about how to make next year's party even better.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Ponyland!

Click here for more pictures of the Christmas party!

See you in 2006!

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