• Name: Skylight
  • Age: 36
  • Job: Editor and newswriter at the Ponyland Press
  • Family:
       Celebrate (husband)
       Baby Skylight (daughter)
       Party Time (father-in-law)
       Candlelight (mother-in-law)
       Best Wishes (sister-in-law)
       Frosting (sister-in-law)
       Sleepy Head (brother-in-law)
       Cuddles (brother-in-law)
       Rattles (brother-in-law)



     Skylight is well known, not to say notorious, as one of the most sensuous and alluring ladies in Ponyland. Her shamelessly public romance and subsequent marriage to a stallion eight years her junior was the gossip of the town for years, and led many, including her father-in-law, to condemn the marriage and repudiate her as a seductress. But Skylight has always been sincere in her devotion to her husband, no matter what others believed about her.

Skylight, Valentine's Day photo.
Celebrate and Skylight.
     It's true that Skylight has little concept of modesty, and is almost unacquainted with embarrassment, but by her own standards, she's never done anything dishonorable. She sees no reason why two ponies in love shouldn't display their affection for each other as openly as they please, or why it should be the business of anyone else to decide whom she should love, or who should love her.

     Objections to the marriage have quieted since the couple had their first child, Baby Skylight, but relations are still strained between Skylight and her in-laws. Celebrate's parents, quaint country folk who own the Ponyland Farm, make an effort to be civil with her these days, but they never quite let her forget that she's nothing like the wife they had imagined for their son. Celebrate's brothers and sisters are far more accepting, but even they seem to look on her, an enterprising city-girl, as belonging to a species almost alien.

Skylight, at the office with her newborn baby.
Skylight and Celebrate, dropping off the baby with Celebrate's little sister Frosting for the evening.
     These days the town gossip is less about the morality or immorality of Skylight's purported seduction of her husband, and more about how their baby is being brought up. Skylight's reputation, unfortunately, does not fare much better on this count than on the other. Baby Skylight spends a great deal of time being passed around to babysitters and relatives, and Skylight and her husband still spend many nights out drinking at the club, or dining extravagantly at one of the local restaurants.
     It should be noted, however, that this is partly because the relatives are always clamoring for more time with the baby -- and so are the babysitters, since they know how well her parents tip.
Baby Skylight with Bows, one of her several babysitters.
Baby Skylight at dinner with Grandma Candlelight and the rest of the in-laws.
     As a matter of fact, Skylight and her husband both adore their daughter, and spend absurd sums of money buying her toys and games, and taking her to sit for professional baby photos at every opportunity. Skylight, who until her marriage had never prepared a meal in her life, is now learning how to cook and bake from her patient sister-in-law, Best Wishes. After introducing her husband to all the wild novelties of city life, Skylight is beginning to learn something from his family about home life, in turn.
     Skylight met her husband while working at the Ponyland Press, and they both still work there today, she as an editor, he as part of the on-site camera crew. Their business is to keep up to date on all of Ponyland's affairs, and the affairs of the world at large. It's unlikely that either of them could ever truly settle down to a purely domestic lifestyle.
Skylight at the office of Ponyland Press.
Skylight and Celebrate, Valentine's Day photo.
     But just as they learned to juggle work and romance in their younger days, they're learning to balance work and family now, and both are happy to be where they are, and looking forward to the future.

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