Pillow Talk

  • Name: Pillow Talk
  • Age: 43
  • Job: Co-manager of the Ponlyand Orphanage
  • Family:
       Scoops (husband)
       Rockabye (daughter)
       Shirtsy (son)


     Pillow Talk has lived in Ponyland with her husband and two children for more than twenty years. She has always made sure of getting to know everyone. When new ponies move into town, she's the first to show up at their doorsteps with a basket of fresh-baked cookies or a pie, and to invite them over for dinner. Fortunately, her husband Scoops, owner of the town ice cream shoppe, is every bit as hospitable as she is, and is happy to spend his evenings entertaining his wife's company, so long as he has his mornings and his newspapers to himself.

Pillow Talk, her husband Scoops, and their toddlers, Rockabye and Shirtsy. Easter photo.
Scoops and Pillow Talk, waiting for trick-or-treaters.
     But although Pillow Talk has many visitors at home, most of her time is devoted to her job at the Ponyland Orphanage, where she works to reunite lost baby ponies with their parents, and to find new homes for baby ponies whose parents can't be found. In addition to looking after the children at the Orphanage, cooking, cleaning, interviewing prospective parents, and counseling distressed orphans, Pillow Talk sends out dozens of letters every week to towns across the country, hoping some of them may reach the parents of the children in her care.
     Needless to say, Pillow Talk adores her own children, and dotes on them so ceaselessly as to have quite spoiled them both. Rockabye, the little girl, is likely the worse of the pair. She dreams of being a princess, and does little all day but play dress-up and make-believe games with her exclusive group of friends, ordering everyone around with the help of her best friend Puddles, who is no less self-absorbed than Rockabye.
Pillow Talk's daughter Rockabye, playing with her best friend Puddles.
Twins Rockabye and Shirtsy, Christmas photo, 2007.
     Pillow Talk's son Shirtsy is simply a typical boy: his interests run to fire trucks, police chases, fort-building, and throwing snowballs at his sister. It so happens that his best friend, Peeks, is the brother of his sister's best friend, Puddles. Pillow Talk and her husband have become rather close with Puddles and Peeks' parents, since their children visit one another's houses so often that the parents sometimes feel as if they're being shared.
     Pillow Talk's closest friend, however, is Banana Surprise, who founded the Orphanage with her more than fifteen years ago, even before Ponyland was officially declared a town. The two of them have been working together, taking care of children, and looking over each other's children, for as long as anyone in Ponyland can remember, and each one knows the other can always be counted on.
Pillow Talk's friend, Banana Surprise. Valentine's glamour photo.


Rockabye and Shirtsy, fall 2008.

Pillow Talk looking after Baby Skylight at the 2005 Halloween festival.
Pillow Talk and her husband. Valentine's Day photo.

Pillow Talk's son Shirsty, hunting for Easter goodies with the neighbors' son, Bunny.
At the Orphanage, bringing pizza to one of the rooms.

Rockabye and Puddles' Halloween costumes.

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