Hugs n' Kisses

  • Name: Hugs n' Kisses
  • Age: 23
  • Job: Hairdresser at Twirler's Salon
  • Family:
       Moondreamer (daughter)
       Tic Tac Toe (father)
       Dancing Butterflies (stepmother)
       Moondancer (aunt)
       Baby Moondancer (cousin)
       Stardreamer (cousin)
       Crystal Star (cousin)
       Party Time (nephew)
       Nightcap (niece)
       Bouncy (niece)
       Baby Tic Tac Toe (nephew)
       Buttercup (aunt)
       Beachy (cousin)
       Bubbles (cousin)
       Squirmy (cousin)



     Hugs n' Kisses has lived in Ponyland for most of her life. In the early 90's, she got her first job at the local salon, apprenticing under Twirler as a hairstylist -- a profession with which she already had some experience, thanks to her aunt Moondancer. She's been working there ever since.

Hugs n' Kisses at work.
At home, showing off her decor.
     Over the years, she's developed her own unique style, fashionable and modern, and rich with curls, coils, and waves. She's especially popular with the younger generation, who prefer her elaborate, dazzling hairstyles over their parents' classic cuts.
     Hugs n' Kisses has one child, a daughter named Moondreamer, who is also interested in hairstyling and makeup, particularly for theater and stage shows. The two of them live together in a small apartment, decorated in a simple Asian style.
Baby Moondreamer, doing costume makeup for Paradise.
Hugs n' Kisses and her father, Halloween 2006.
     Hugs n' Kisses best friend is probably her father, Tic Tac Toe. Both of them love Halloween, and every year they dress up in spooky costumes, and help to host Ponyland's annual Halloween Festival. Tic Tac Toe reads ghost stories to the children around a campfire, and Hugs n' Kisses looks after the refreshment tables. It's likely that none of the children enjoy the holiday quite as much as these two.
     But Hugs n' Kisses and her father don't only see each other on the holidays. He often comes to visit her or takes her out to lunch, or brings her silly gifts from his toy shop, as he used to do when she was a child. They often go out to movies together, or stay home and watch some of their favorite classic horror films. Hugs n' Kisses loves House on Haunted Hill, and all the Frankenstein movies.
Dinner at Hugs n' Kisses' apartment.
Hugs n' Kisses and her aunt Moondancer.
     Hugs n' Kisses is also close friends with her aunt, Moondancer, who works with her at the salon. Their children are good friends, and the two of them often go out together when business is slow.


Hugs n' Kisses daughter and three cousins.

Glamour photo. 2005.
Halloween at Twirler's Salon.

Mother and daughter.

Tic Tac Toe at lunch with his daughter.

Hugs n' Kisses' stepmother, Dancing Butterflies.

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