• Name: Flowerburst
  • Age: 28
  • Job: Teller and accountant at the Bank of Ponyland
  • Family:
       Sweet Pop (husband)
       Peeks (son)
       Puddles (daughter)



     Flowerburst and her husband live a fairly quiet life, in spite of their two rambunctious toddlers. By day, they both work at the Bank of Ponyland while the children are at daycare, and at night Flowerburst cooks for the family, tidies the house, and occasionally bakes cookies or takes the twins out to the Ice Cream Shop. Though some ponies might grow bored with such a calm and static lifestyle, Flowerburst is content. It has never occurred to her to live any other way.

Flower Burst and her family, Christmas 2006.
Flower Burst and Flower Dreams, visiting Twirler's Salon.
     Flowerburst's best friend is Flower Dreams; in fact, it has sometimes been remarked that she spends more time with Flower Dreams than with her husband or her children. Flowerburst and Flower Dreams have lunch together nearly every day, and sometimes stop at the cafe before work, or get their hair done together at the salon. They are often mistaken for sisters.


Flowerburst's son, Peeks.
Flower Burst's daughter, Puddles.
Flower Burst and her husband.

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