• Name: Bowtie
  • Age: 29
  • Job: Manager of The Siamese Cat pet shop
  • Family:
       Fifi (daughter)
       Shaggy (son)
       Hugs (daughter)
       Tugs (son)
       Pretty Bow (sister)
       Playtime (sister)
       Doodles (nephew)
       Noodles (niece)
       Wiggles (nephew)



     With four children to look after and keep out of trouble, Bowtie is often a little harried. When she isn't at work taking care of all the pet shop's various animals, she seems to be perpetually cleaning house, washing dishes, and ordering her oldest daughter to do her homework or stop flinging spitballs at the ceiling.

Dinner with the Bowtie family.
Hugs and Tugs show off their artistic talents.
     In truth, however, most of Bowtie's worries are only in her mind. Her young twins do occasionally get into the usual pillow-fighting, crayon-mashing trouble, but on the whole, they're good kids.
      Even Fifi, although a thouroughly mischievous prankster, never really means any harm. She spends a lot of time away from home anyway, playing sports at the park, or video games at the Ponyland Arcade.
Bowtie's oldest daughter, Fifi.
Shaggy helps his older sister with her math homework.
     Shaggy, the middle child, is a perfect angel, and is as devoted as Bowtie is to watching over the other children. He helps them with their homework, and even makes an effort to assist Bowtie with the cooking and housework. Of course, since he's only three, his assistance is often less helpful than he imagines.
     Between work at the pet store and home with a houseful of kids, Bowtie seems to spend most of her time cleaning up messes and scolding bad behavior. Nevertheless, she loves both her job and her family, and wouldn't trade her mischievous babies for the world.
Bowtie and her two daughters, Fifi and Hugs.


Bowtie family Christmas photo.

Shaggy, tagging along at the antique shop.

Bowtie's daughter Fifi and her best friend, Bouncy.
Bowtie's youngest son, Tugs, playing at the dinner table.

Taping the twins' art up in their bedroom.
Bowtie's daughter Hugs, playing dress-up.

Bowtie and Fifi.

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