Baby Tree

  • Name: Tree
  • Age: 4
  • Class: Kindergarten - Strawberry Shortcake's class
  • Family:
       Daddy Tree (father)
       Applejack (mother)
       Appleseed (brother)
       Bunny (brother)
       Leafy (uncle)
       Applesauce (aunt)
       Surprise (cousin)
       Glider (cousin)



     Baby Tree has lived in Ponyland for nearly twenty years, but she's witnessed all the changes in the town serenely, without taking too much interest in anything but her own family and friends. She now lives in a four-bedroom house with her parents and her two brothers, and her cat, Snowball.

Baby Tree, inspecting supplies at her dad's warehouse.
The Tree family Christmas photo.
     Both of Tree's parents work and are rarely home, but every year at Christmas the whole family gets together to help decorate the town, and all the baby ponies flock to have their pictures taken with Baby Tree's parents, dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus. Daddy Tree runs the town Electric Company, and Mommy Applejack is an artist who sells paintings at the local gallery.
     Tree's big brother, Appleseed, adores her; she's almost his only friend. He doesn't fit in with the other boys at school, and his disinterest in sports, mechanics, and other manly pursuits has made him something of a disappointment to his father, but Baby Tree loves him just as he is.
Baby Tree's brother, Appleseed, helping their father at the grill.
Tree's little brother Bunny, dressed up as a superhero for Halloween.
     Tree's baby brother, Bunny, loves it when Tree reads her storybooks to him, though he would never admit it to his friends. He's usually too busy playing cops and robbers with the other toddlers to notice that Tree is watching over him, making sure he and his friends don't do anything too dangerous.
     When Tree was little, her best friend was Presents n' Balloons (or "P&B," for short) -- a twelve-year-old layabout with whom she has increasingly less in common these days. Years ago, the two friends belonged to a group of baby ponies who called themselves The Adventure Club. They would often trek around the wilderness surrounding the town, in search of buried treasure. The group disbanded when one of its members, baby Shovels, was lost in the wilderness and never returned.
Presents n' Balloons.
Baby Tree and Presents n' Balloons: a Christmas photo together from 2007.
     In the days of Baby Ponyland, Baby Tree often ran into P&B at the town stables. Tree was the local mail carrier, and P&B had given her one of his father's horses, a white mare, to ride between towns and deliver letters and packages. P&B was the paperboy; he rode one of his father's stallions. Tree never goes riding anymore, but she does run into P&B occasionally. He thinks of her as a little sister, but Tree still has a bit of a crush on him, even though they don't see much of each other anymore.
     Tree belongs to a different group of friends now: the Filly Club, a book club for kindergarten and first-grade students who enjoy reading and discussing books. Tree is close friends with all the members of the club, especially Fleecy, who was also a member of the Adventure Club. The two girls have known each other for as long as they can remember.
Tree and Fleecy, hanging out at Baby Glory's house.
Baby Tree with her brother and her cat, Snowball.
     Apart from reading, Tree's main interest is animals. She often thinks she'd like to grow up to become a veterinarian. Her favorite animals are cats; if it were up to her, she'd probably have a whole house full of them. But in deference to the wishes of her parents, she's settled for just one kitty for now.


Easter at the Tree family household.

Tree at the antique store, buying a new book -- or rather an old book.

Tree's mom, Applejack, and aunt, Applesauce.
Baby Tree's parents. Christmas photo.

Appleseed and Cousin Glider at Easter.

Cousins Glider and Surprise.
Bunny, dragging the firewood away to build a fort with his friends.

Daddy Tree and Uncle Leafy.

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