Baby Tic Tac Toe

  • Name: Tic Tac Toe (aka Tic Tac)
  • Age: 5
  • Class: 1st grade - Posey's Class
  • Family:
       Tic Tac Toe (father)
       Dancing Butterflies (mother)
       Party Time (brother)
       Nightcap (sister)
       Bouncy (sister)
       Baby Dancing Butterflies (sister)
       Hugs n' Kisses (half-sister)
       Buttercup (aunt)
       Moondancer (aunt)
       Beachy (cousin)
       Bubbles (cousin)
       Squirmy (cousin)
       Baby Moondancer (cousin)
       Crystal Star (cousin)
       Stardreamer (cousin)
       Moondreamer (niece)
       Summer (second cousin)


     Baby Tic Tac Toe -- or "Tic Tac," as his friends know him -- is a huge sports fan. His favorite sports are soccer and football, but he also enjoys basketball, baseball, hockey, or whatever the boys happen to be playing. He also likes playing video games, especially ones that involve blowing up, shooting down, and generally smashing everything in sight. His taste in movies is pretty much the same: the more explosions, car chases, gunshots, and overall mayhem, the better.

Tic Tac's at the local sports shop.
Tic Tac and Tiddley Winks playing video games.
     Tic Tac belongs to the largest family in Ponyland, but he spends as little time with his brothers, sisters, and cousins as possible. His best friend is Baby Tiddley-Winks. Together they spend their afternoons playing sports with the other boys and making fun of any girls who try to join in, proclaiming that the girls have cooties and are frighteningly contagious. They also hang out around the Arcades and the Pizza Parlor, whenever either of them has any allowance money left.


Tic Tac Toe's mother, Dancing Butterflies.
Tic Tac playing with his friend Tiddley-Winks.

Teasing his sister Bouncy, as usual.

Playing video games with brother Party Time.

Tic Tac and his dad.
Tic Tac's older sister, Baby Dancing Butterflies.

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