• Name: Suzie
  • Age: 4
  • Class: Kindergarten - Stripes' Class
  • Family:
       Dancer (mother)
       Luna (sister)



     Baby Suzie came to Ponyland with her best friend Baby Katie, and together they settled here because Katie's older brother, Tex, already lived in the town. For several years, she lived at the Ponyland Orphanage now, where she shared a room with Baby Snippy. Apart from Katie, most of Suzie's friends are baby ponies she met at the orphanage, like Snippy.

Suzie's room, shared with Snippy.
Suzie and her family at the park
     Now Suzie lives with her mother, Player, and her older sister, Luna. Player is still looking for work in town, but in the meantime, the family has been given an apartment and some money to get back on their feet.
     Baby Suzie loves classical music, and spends most of her afterschool hours practicing on her violin. She's a member of the Elementary School orchestra, and is looking forward to giving concerts for her classmates in the future.
Suzie at the orphanage, with her violin.
Suzie visiting her friend Lemon at the orphanage.
     Suzie is fascinated with 18th and 19th century Europe; she enjoys the music, the literature, the plays, the history. She likes to read and she gets good grades in school, but her main aspiration is to become a concert violinist, and possibly play some other instruments as well.

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