• Name: Surprise
  • Age: 6
  • Class: 2nd Grade - Ringlet's Class
  • Family:
       Surprise (mother)
       Leafy (father)
       Applesauce (stepmother)
       Glider (adoptive sister)
       Tree (uncle)
       Applejack (aunt)
       Appleseed (cousin)
       Baby Tree (cousin)
       Bunny (cousin)
       Windy (step-aunt)
       Yoyo (step-cousin)



     Surprise collects hats. She isn't particular about the style: she likes every kind of headwear, from flowered Victorian bonnets to fedoras, military berets, police helmets, and dunce caps. Surprise has a hat for every occasion, and a few that aren't good for any occasion at all -- which doesn't prevent her from wearing them anyway.

Halloween, 2005: Surprise dressed in an old-fashioned schoolboy costume.
Surprise's father, Leafy, and stepmother, Applesauce.
     Surprise has two homes, but although she loves to visit her real mother, Mommy Surprise, she prefers to stay with her father Leafy and her stepmother Applesauce. She's lived with them for many years and has gotten used to the unconventional ways of their household. Besides, she could never bring herself to move away from her best friend, Glider.
     Glider and Surprise were both orphans when they arrived in Ponyland in 1995, and at the Ponyland Orphanage they got to be good friends. When Surprise's father came to find her a few months later, he and his wife adopted Glider as well, so the two girls became sisters. They still spend a great deal of time together, and are even in the same class.
Surprise and Glider trying on hats.
Skip, the family Dachshund.
     Though Glider has other friends and interests, Surprise still has few acquaintances apart from her sister. She's shy and always afraid of getting in other ponies' way, so when Glider isn't around to play with her, she just plays with their pet dog, Skip.
     When Glider is home, she and Surprise play dice, dominoes, or card games they've learned from their father. They also like to visit the bar, where their parents work, pick songs on the jukebox, and play pool.
Surprise and Glider. Care for a game?


Surprise, Glider, and their dad.

Surprise and Glider playing with Uncle Tree's hose.
Dominoes, anyone?

Bringing Skip home from the pet shop. 2006.
Easter at Uncle Tree's house.

Surprise trying on hats with her real mother, Mommy Surprise.

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