• Name: Pineapple
  • Age: 6
  • Class: 1st Grade - Sherbet's Class
  • Family:
       Tootie Tails (mother)
       Salty (stepfather)
       Sunbright (adopted sister)



     Pineapple is an aspiring gourmet chef. She has a large collection of cookbooks and countless home recipes that she makes for her family and friends. She hopes to someday open her own restaurant where she can serve all her favorite dishes.

Pineapple preparing vegetables for a stew.
Pineapple as a young girl, at the beach.
     Pineapple was born on a tropical island and grew up with her three best friends, Paradise, Beach Ball, and Underbrella.

     Pineapple and her friends lived together for many years with Pineapple's mother Tootie Tails and her stepfather Salty. All of them have now gone to live with their real parents, but Pineapple still invites them over for delicious meals whenever she gets a chance.

Pineapple serving cookies for her friends.
Pineapple and Sunbright playing board games together.
     Now Pineapple has a new sister, since Baby Sunbright has been adopted into the family. Pineapple misses the days when she and her old friends were sisters, but she enjoys playing with her new sister too.

     All of Pineapple's best friends are on the Ponyland googooball team, and so is her sister Sunbright. Pineapple goes to all the games to support her friends.

Pineapple and Paradise, back from a googooball game.
Pineapple and Moondreamer playing with Pineapple's pet mouse.
     Pineapple's other best friend, who is also a googooball team member, is Baby Moondreamer. They've been friends since the days of Baby Ponyland. In Baby Ponyland, Pineapple owned the town ice cream shoppe, where her pet rat used to run around under the tables, frightening the customers. Now Pineapple has a smaller pet, a little brown mouse named Phillipe.

     Pineapple lives with her mother, Tootie Tails, and her stepfather Salty. Tootie Tails and Salty own the local Bar and Grill, and they both love to cook -- but Tootie Tails lets her daughter prepare many of their meals at home.

Tootie Tails helps Pineapple get her ingredients together.
Salty with the morning paper.
     Salty mostly does his cooking at work. Sometimes he goes fishing with his friend Steamer, and brings home fresh fish for Pineapple to fry up for dinner.

     Pineapple loves cooking not just for her family, but for anyone who comes to their house. She cooks for her friends, for the googooball team, and sometimes for her parents' friends, when they come to visit.

Pineapple making stuffed peppers.
Pineapple pulling a hot pizza out of the oven.
     Pineapple specializes in gourmet meals, but she also enjoys making everything from Cornish pasties to fruit cobblers to homemade pizzas.

     Pineapple has been a member of Ponyland for almost twenty years, and although she misses the ocean, she considers Ponyland her home now. Salty has become like a father to her, and Beach Ball, Underbrella, and Paradise will always be her sisters, even if she now only sees them once in a while.

Pineapple and Salty in the kitchen.


Pineapple's mother, Tootie Tails.

Pineapple and Phillipe.
Pineapple's old family photo, taken when Paradise, Beach Ball, and Underbrella were her adopted sisters.

Pineapple and her family.
Pineapple making mushroom alfredo and garlic toast for the googooball team.

Pineapple's adopted sister, Sunbright.

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