• Name: Lemon
  • Age: 12
  • Class: Junior High - Wind Whistler's Class
  • Family:
       Spider (father)
       Strawberry (mother)



     To an outsider, Lemon may stand out as a fakie, but in Ponyland she's known for something else: her mastery of the piano. She loves classical music and has been playing for many years, giving concert performances at the Ponyland Theater and providing the music for her friends' ballet shows.

Lemon at her piano.
Lemon teaching Ducky the piano.
     Lemon also offers piano lessons for baby ponies who want to learn to play.
     At school, Lemon is a member of the Ponyland Elementary Orchestra, and spends music class practicing alongside other aspiring musicians, including Suzie and Highflier.
Lemon, Suzie, and Highflier practicing for orchestra.
Playing with Baby Cricket.
     Lemon also enjoys babysitting. Her family works at the Ponyland Orphanage, so she often helps to look after the orphan children who live there, as well as other children from the town.
     Considering her accomplishments, some ponies may find it surprising that Lemon's best friend is Baby Presents n' Balloons, the local paperboy, whose greatest talent is his ability to consume seemingly endless quantities of pizza.
Lemon and Presents n' Balloons.
After school.
     Lemon and P&B are in the same class, and have been friends for several years. The two of them enjoy getting together for snacks and alcohol after school. Although the legal drinking age in Ponyland is 16, Presents n' Balloons can usually sneak a few of his dad's beers out of the house -- and their parents either haven't noticed, or have simply decided to look the other way, trusting the kids to be responsible.


Christmas photo, 2007.

A visit from Baby Blue Ember.
Lemon and her family.

Babysitting Tiny Tabby.
Lemon and her friend Beachy.

Lemon with Soft Steps and Bows.

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