• Name: Highflier (aka Highfly)
  • Age: 6
  • Class: 2nd grade - Ringlets' Class
  • Family:
       Sunshade (mother)
       Fireworks (father)
       Shoreline (aunt)
       Baby Firefly (half-sister)



     Highflier is well-known as Ponyland's weirdest little pony. Her favorite pastime is making other ponies uncomfortable, usually by staring at them, dancing at them, assailing them with unwelcome friendliness, or simply hovering upside at them -- a trick which took her years to master.

Highflier's room.
Highflier's Jim Carrey shrine.
     Jim Carrey is Highflier's hero; she owns all of his movies, and especially loves the Ace Ventura films and The Mask.
     Highflier's favorite color is pink, possibly because of her enormous love for pigs. She's been collecting pig toys and accessories for many years, and they're almost the only things on her shelves.
The infamous pig collection.
Highflier with her mother, Sunshade, and father, Fireworks.
     Highflier lives with her mother and her aunt, and has recently been reunited with her father. Her parents were never married, and have been apart for a long time, but they're spending more time together now, both with their daughter and without her.
     Highflier's best friends are classmates Thunder and Firefly (Firefly is also her half-sister, but nobody talks about that). All three pride themselves on being some of the rowdiest kids in Ponyland, but when it comes to pulling crazy stunts, Highflier always takes the cake.

     Highflier loves hanging out with almost everyone from her class, and now and then she meets up with some of her old friends, Gusty, Northstar, Starflower, and Flash. When she was little, Highflier was a member of their (now disbanded) singing group, The Sparklin' Singers.

Highflier, Firefly, and Thunder.
Buzzer and Highflier, making mystical pan-music.
     But Highflier's new best friend is Buzzer, who is almost as strange and obnoxious as Highflier herself. They dance in the streets and make "music" with harmonicas, kazoos, maracas, tambourines, and pans, cheerfully annoying everyone.
     When she isn't watching a movie or making noise and mischief with her friends, Highflier spends time with her Welsh Corgi, Flea Market. Flea Market goes everywhere with her.
Highflier and her dog.
Highflier's 2005 Halloween costume: a giant dice with 7-Up dots all over it.
     Highflier has also been in a few town plays, including, most notably, the town production of The Nightmare Before Christmas, in which she played Oogie Boogie -- one of her all-time favorite characters. She's always remembered for her various improbable Halloween costumes, and rarely fails to win the prize for Most Creative at the annual Halloween festival.


Highflier, Christmas 2007.

Highflier and her dad, wearing pigs.

Highflier with classmate Jill.
Highflier's best friend, Thunder.

Highflier's other best friend, Firefly.

Halloween 2005.

Highflier and her friends.

Highflier's Jim Carrey video collection.

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