• Name: Glory
  • Age: 5
  • Class: 3rd Grade - Up Up and Away's Class
  • Family:
       Glory (mother)
       Twilight (aunt)



     Baby Glory may appear a little immature for her age, what with all the baby blocks, plush bears, and colorful hanging mobiles she's collected around her room, but she doesn't actually play with most of these things. She sees her toys as a reminder of the happy, playful innocence of children, and she decorates her room with soft colors and cheerful objects to make every day seem sunny.

Glory's bedroom.
The Filly Club, 2006. Tree, Fleecy, Starflower, Glory, Sunribbon.
     Baby Glory is a member of The Filly Club, a book club for kindergarten and first-graders interested in sharing and discussing good books. Glory and her friends enjoy sleep-over parties, going to the movies, shopping, and playing book-related games.
     Glory is a straight-A student and loves to read, especially young-adult mystery novels. She is very involved with the club, and is good friends with its founder, Baby Sunribbon.
Bows and Soft Steps, Christmas, 2007.


Glory's mom at the Salon.

Halloween, 2008.

Shopping for antiques.

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