• Name: Bows
  • Age: 9
  • Class: 5th Grade - Bright Bouquet's Class
  • Family:
       Banana Surprise (mother)
       Soft Steps (sister)
       Sweet Steps (sister)
       Teddy (aunt)
       Mae (cousin)
       Rose (cousin)
       Slippers (niece)
       Tiny Tabby (niece)
       Bootsie (nephew)
       Tootsie (niece)
       Kite Flier (brother-in-law)



     Bows is a quiet little pony, a bit bashful, with a tendency to blush. She has a passion for coloring books. Her walls are papered and her drawers stocked with colored and uncolored pages, and she always keeps a wide selection of crayons finely sharpened for use.

Bows in her room.
Bows playing with her nephew, Bootsie.
     Bows also collects model dinosaurs, and has spent some time studying prehistory. She hasn't decided yet whether she'd rather become a paleontologist someday, or a colorist for animation cels.
     Bows' best friend is her adoptive sister Soft Steps. The two have known each other since they were very small, even before either of them came to Ponyland. They've been performing ballet together for years.
Bows and Soft Steps, Christmas, 2007.
Bows and her mom.
     Bows was an orphan when she arrived in town, but because she and Soft Steps were such good friends, she was soon adopted into Soft Steps' family. Soft Steps' mother, Banana Surprise, treats Bows just like one of her own daughters. (They still live at the orphanage, though -- because that's where Banana Surprise works!)
     Around town, Bows and Soft Steps are best known for having co-written the popular play Soft Steps' Halloween, which has become a holiday tradition in Ponyland. Bows still performs in it almost every year.
Halloween, 2006.
Reading with Bootsie and Tootsie.
     During the days of Baby Ponyland, Bows and Soft Steps ran the orphanage and looked after all of the Teeny Tiny ponies, feeding, bathing, and playing with them, and teaching them to read and write. Nowadays, Bows helps to take care of the toddlers at the Ponyland Orphanage, and makes money by babysitting for busy parents.
     Bows loves playing with her nephew and nieces (Bootsie, Tootsie, and Tabby), her favorite pony to babysit for is Baby Skylight, the youngest baby pony in Ponyland. Her parents work for the Press, so they're often busy, and they always pay well.
Babysitting Baby Skylight.


Bows and Soft Steps.

Crayons for Christmas.
Bows' niece, Tiny Tabby.

Cousin Mae at Christmas.
Babysitting SKylight at Halloween. 2006.

Playtime with Baby Skylight.

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