Ponytail Petite Ponies: Set 2

     Like the ponies in the first set of Ponytail Ponies, these petites had brushable tails instead of solid plastic tails. Three sets of Ponytail Ponies were printed, and the ponies in each set came in the same four poses with the same four symbols, but had different hair, body, and ribbon colors.

Brush Petite (aqua)
*Photo by Bearcat. Used with permission.*

     This petite has an aqua body and pink hair. Her tail is pink and curly, and her bow is yellow. Her symbol is a yellow brush and comb set. She is in the standing pose.

Mirror Petite (yellow)
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     This petite has a yellow body and white hair. Her tail is white and curly, and her bow is blue. Her symbol is a bright orange mirror. She is in the walking pose.

Clock Petite (pink)
*Photo by Emery. Used with permission.*

     This pony has a dark pink body and yellow hair. Her tail is yellow and curled in tight ringlets, and her bow is aqua. Her symbol is a pale blue alarm clock. She is in the prancing pose.

Pizza Petite (orange)
*Photo by Bearcat. Used with permission.*

     This pony is neon orange with aqua hair. Her tail is aqua and straight, and her bow is pink. Her symbol is two pink slices of pizza. She is in the pegasus pose.

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