Other My Little Pony Merchandise

       There were many strange and random items of pony merchandise were sold both within and outside the US. Whatever does not fit into any of the other merchandise categories will be listed here. This page is still heavily under construction; more items will be added as we find them. Check back!

Click to view full-sized image. My Little Pony Coin Purse

Copyright Hasbro 1983

Purple coin purse with snap cover.

Features a pony who appears to be Cotton Candy, except that her hair is blue.

Click to view full-sized image. Earth Ponies Tray

Copyright Hasbro 1983

Metal tray, 17", with folding legs.

Features the Year 2 Earth Ponies: Applejack, Bow-Tie, Blossom, Cotton Candy, Bubbles, and Seashell

Click to view full-sized image. My Little Pony Sewing Machine

Copyright Hasbro 1984

Battery operated. Sew by pressing the foot pedal or by turning the wheel on the right side.

Features Year 2 Pegasus Pony Firefly

Click to view full-sized image. Rainbow Pony Party Favors

Copyright Hasbro 1984

Set of four puffy party favors on strings.

Features four Rainbow Ponies: Skyflier, Flutterbye, Sprinkles, and Starflower. Each party favor says "Hello, my name is ______" on one side, and has the pony's name on the opposite side.

Bowtie Stamp

Copyright Hasbro, date unknown, probably 1984 or 1985

My Little Pony stamp.

Features Bow-Tie.

Click to view full-sized image.

Click to view full-sized image.

My Little Pony Stick n' Lift Kit

Copyright Hasbro 1985

Waxy 12"x24" cardboard "scene" with 25 reusable vinyl stickers to attach and move.

Board features Bow-Tie, Moondancer, and Posey. Stickers feature various earth, unicorn, pegasus, and baby ponies from Year 3, as well as a few small animals and other accessories.

Click to view full-sized image.

Click to view full-sized image.

Birthday Poster

Copyright Hasbro 1986

Birthday party poster, 17"x23", with a space for the birthday child's name and a place for party attendees to sign in.

Features Quackers.

Click to view full-sized image. Candy Cane Pony Giftwrap

Copyright Hasbro 1989

Two 24"x30" sheets of giftwrap and two gift tags.

Features three Candy Cane Ponies: Caramel Crunch, Sugar Apple, and Molasses.


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